Gingival Aesthetics

Gingival Aesthetics

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Do you suffer from receding gums? Then you need gingival aesthetics!

Gingival aesthetics is a series of aesthetic procedures to correct gum problems. Gum problems include receding gums, excess gums, abnormalities in gum color and shape.

In gum aesthetics, various techniques are used to improve the appearance and aesthetics of the gums. These include surgical gum correction, gum grafting, laser treatments, gum discoloration and closure, gum fillings, and gum prostheses.

Aesthetic gum procedures should be performed by a dentist who places great emphasis on gum health and oral hygiene. In this way, a healthy and aesthetic result can be achieved without damaging the gums during the aesthetic procedure.

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What is a gingival smile?

A Gingival Smile, also known as excessive gums, is a cosmetic problem. When smiling, too much gum is shown. This makes the teeth appear shorter and the smile u0022gummy.u0022 The cause may be a hyperactive upper lip muscle, a short upper lip, or an overgrown gum line. Treatment is orthodontic or surgical, and the dentist may recommend a combination of both.

What is gingival aesthetics?

Gingival aesthetics, also known as gum aesthetics or periodontal plastic surgery, is a branch of dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of the gums and soft tissues around the teeth.

What are the types of gingiva?

There are two types of gingiva, attached gingiva which is firm and surrounds the teeth and mucosal gingiva which is movable and covers the inner surfaces of the lips, cheeks, floor of the mouth, and underside of the tongue.


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