About MedClinics

About MedClinics

About MedClinics

MedClinics is an online platform that arranges health care treatments.

We offer any type of procedure, beauty treatments, plastic & aesthetic surgery procedures, eye and dental treatments, as well as treatments that are indicated for medical reasons because of an underlying disease, including orthopedics, oncology, IVF and much more.

Our partners are exclusively certified clinics, doctors and hospitals, all of which have been carefully checked by us. Thus, we can proudly claim to have only the best partners in all areas.

Throughout Turkey, we work with over 300 clinics, doctors and hospitals. 

In the international market, we are constantly expanding our network. We are supported by our partner office in Germany, which is called Check for Trips and is located in Ruesselsheim near Frankfurt am Main.

MedClinics operates under the umbrella company Travelgroup Tur. ve Tiç. A.Ş., which has its headquarters in Istanbul. Travelgroup is a travel agency that has been active in the tourism sector since the 70s until today.

At MedClinics, a multinational, multilingual and well talented team is constantly focused on the well-being of the patients, which is always the first priority at MedClinics. As a result, we are able to respond to patients’ individual needs and safeguard their interests. Cultural or linguistic barriers do not exist at MedClinics!

Our mission is to provide each patient with the most appropriate procedure for the desired conditions, taking into account individual factors, and to offer connection to a reliable and global medical infrastructure. We are committed to promoting ethical practices in healthcare tourism, adhering to international guidelines and regulations. Our platform actively opposes any form of medical tourism that uses unethical practices.

Our vision is to provide patients with a positive and life-enhancing experience while enhancing global collaboration among healthcare providers.
Together, we vision a world where quality healthcare is accessible to all, regardless of borders, enriches lives, and builds lasting relationships across cultures.

MedClinics aims to make its guests’ dreams come true and send them home as happy patients.

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