We take care of your marketing, so you can take care of your patients!

Through the detailed information on our website, your patients will get to know you as a competent professional. In turn, you will learn what your patients expect even before they contact you.

Become part of a dynamic, up-and-coming company that has quickly established itself in the highly competitive online market and benefit from the advantages of an international organization.

With locations in Istanbul, Frankfurt and Vienna, more than 150 contracted hospitals, 100 clinics, 1100 doctors and countless treatments, MedClinics is one of the largest medical platforms in Turkey!

Whether you are a doctor, clinic or hospital, this is the place for you! Join us on this journey into the future and become part of the success.

Advantages of Working with us

%100 Organic Traffic

%100 Organic Traffic

7/24 Call Center

7/24 Call Center

Social Media Account Management

Increase your Traffic

Ready Website

Foreign Language Team

List your Products

Your wish

Your wish

  • Less stress and more time for you
  • Better findability on the Internet
  • The team can better respond to the needs of your patients
Your problem

Your problem

  • You don’t have time
  • Good marketing is expensive
  • SEO is a hassle and requires experience
  • Difficult to set up a call center
Our solution

Our solution

  • We offer all services from one source
  • We come to you and write about you.
  • We put your photos and videos online
  • We introduce you to the world

Give your patients more confidence with a video

We build bridges, every day, everywhere, worldwide

You realize your vision while we watch your back. So you can take care of your patients, be seen worldwide and language doesn’t signify a border

MedClinics, Connect to Trusted & Global Healthcare …

Being competent to convey competence

MedClinics always puts the patient’s well-being first. Since we know that it is the same for you, we invite you to become our partner

The customer service representatives at MedClinics are specialists in the medical sector. Thus, patient inquiries are answered professionally from the very first moment.

Only those who are competent can communicate competence …

See your opportunity and be seen worldwide

Local experts take care of integrating your profile in the international market. Localization is done according to the cultural needs of the target country.

Our team of medical trained expert translators ensures that even specific medical terms are correctly translated into the language of the target country and are in harmony with the local culture of other nations.

To make sure that you are seen the way you want to be seen …

Show and be shown

Statistically, every patient looks at 300 before/after pictures before deciding to have a procedure. Take advantage of our repertoire of before and after pictures and help expand this with your own pictures.

Show what you can do so we can show it also …

Languages should be no borders

Turkey records 1.5 million health tourists every year and the number is increasing.

MedClinics is the local expert in the country for all medical issues. We offer online consultations for patients in English, German, French, Arabic and Russian and advise patients in their native language.

Language is no border …

Give confidence to gain confidence

MedClinics is certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

From the reviews you can see that not only the state but also patients trust in us and that we do not disappoint this trust.

Trust in MedClinics and your patients will trust in you.

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