Istanbul – The most popular Clinics

Istanbul – The most popular Clinics

Find the most popular clinics in Istanbul

The dynamic metropolis situated at the intersection of Europe and Asia not only boasts a rich cultural heritage but is also renowned as a premier hub for health tourism. Equipped with cutting-edge medical facilities offering a diverse range of health services, Istanbul has gained global recognition, particularly for hair transplantation, obesity surgery, eye and dental treatments, as well as plastic and aesthetic surgery.

In recent times, the city has emerged as a sought-after destination for patients seeking advanced treatments for various conditions, including stem cell therapy for autistic children, orthopedic disorders in adults, IVF, and cancer treatments. This trend is fueled by the extensive expertise of healthcare professionals, a growing number of individuals seeking medical assistance, and competitive prices compared to other European countries.

International visitors are drawn to Istanbul not only for its top-notch medical care, but also for the chance to blend their health journey with an exploration of the city’s unique cultural treasures. The fusion of exceptional medical services and cultural richness positions Istanbul as a continually rising hotspot in the realm of health tourism.

As MedClinics, our goal is to help you find the one that best suits your unique health needs. We are happy to assist you to choose the most popular clinics and hospitals in Istanbul for you. With our experience and dedication, we are here to guide you for your health tourism experience, you can contact us any time.

Discover the most popular Clinics

Turkeyana Clinic considers beauty as a universal principle of soul and body and a “natural, integrated image”.
11 Years of experience
Well-known healthcare brand, that offers top-notch medical care in accordance with worldwide standards.
32 Years of experience
Estethica Clinic Atasehir Istanbul stands out for its qualified service in diagnosis and treatment since 2007 and has become a well-known brand in its field.
17 Years of experience
Genotime Premium Clinic uses the entire infrastructure of the private Medical Park Hospital in Maltepe on the Asian side of Istanbul and performs all procedures there.
2 Years of experience
The Clinic has performed over 9,000 procedures and treated many thousands of patients from all over the world.
7 Years of experience
The clinic has contributed to the group being awarded the title of A-class surgical center in 2014. Interpreter services are provided for foreign guests.
17 Years of experience
Novusklinik is a dental clinic that aims to provide “Long-Lasting Aesthetic Results”. It has been serving in Kadıköy and Kartal since 2009.
14 Years of experience
Dentfix Dental Clinic, in its own words, aims to be an exemplary dental center that provides treatments using the latest technologies.
10 Years of experience
The renowned medical center specializes in hair transplantation and is considered a pioneer in this field in Turkey.
25 Years of experience
The DentSpa Oral & Health Dental Clinic impresses with its modern interior, which gives patients a feeling of warmth.
20 Years of experience
Dünyagöz Hospital Group provides eye health services with 500 different treatment methods for problems related to eye and eye contour health.
27 Years of experience
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Acar is one of the best known plastic surgeons in Eskişehir. He is especially famous for his extremely successful rhinoplasty surgeries
17 Years of experience
Smile Hair Clinic was established in 2018 and is located on the Asian side of Istanbul in the up-and-coming Ataşehir district.
6 Years of experience
According to its own words, MedArt Hair Transplant Clinic acts on the principle that every hair transplant is unique.
6 Years of experience
In the trendy Avangart district near Vadistanbul, Buk Beauty’s state-of-the-art clinic, which opened in 2020, immediately catches the eye.
3 Years of experience
Since 2020, Dr. Sirin Celik continues to serve her patients in her private practice in Nisantasi, a chic and lively neighbourhood.
11 Years of experience
The hospital offers its services with multilingual healthcare staff and regularly welcomes clients from abroad.
9 Years of experience
Istanbul Aesthetic Center arranges airport transfer and overnight accommodation on request and offers translation services for foreign guests.
9 Years of experience

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