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Macedonia is becoming popular for medical tourism due to its affordable and patient-centered healthcare. The country offers modern facilities for dental care, cosmetic surgery, weight loss treatments, and orthopedics.

Dental care in Macedonia is known for being both affordable and of high quality. Cosmetic surgery is another area of expertise, offering competitive prices for transformative procedures. Weight loss treatments range from non-surgical options like CoolSculpting to bariatric surgery, tailored to individual needs. It is recognized for its expertise in orthopedic surgery, particularly in hip and knee replacements.

Some of the most popular Clinics in Macedonia

It is not just good for medical care. It also has beautiful nature, an interesting culture, and friendly people that visitors really like. Whether you’re here for medical reasons or just to take it easy, Macedonia is a great place for feeling good and having a healthier life.

As MedClinics, we have selected the best clinics for all your procedures, from obesity to plastic surgery. Contact us today, and we will help you find the most suitable clinic for your needs.

Acıbadem Sistina Hospital became part of the Acıbadem Healthcare Group in October 2011
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