Hair Transplant

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Hair transplants are becoming increasingly popular and are meanwhile one of the most common cosmetic treatments worldwide.

Find here the most popular countries for hair transplant.

Read all you need to know about hair transplant. We will help you navigate the gigantic world of offers and find the best option for your needs. Get an overview about prices, doctors and clinics.

Have a look at our detailed guide for hair transplant in the most popular countries like Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany.


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Hair Transplant Near Me

What is hair transplantation, let’s start with a general overview. Here you go …

While in the past it was mainly men who sought help for hair loss, nowadays especially the possibility of hair transplant without shaving makes the procedure more and more popular among women.

Nowadays, individual procedures allow surgeons to perform transplants precisely tailored to the needs of the patient. Hair structure, color and density are taken into account to achieve the best possible result.

Nowadays, the FUE technique – Follicular Unit Extraction – is one of the most popular and successful methods of hair transplantation. The hair follicles are extracted one by one and, after intermediate storage in a special solution, they are transplanted one by one into the recipient area. The Sapphire technique is particularly popular, in which the canals are opened with sapphire blades instead of steel blades.

With the DHI technique, it is possible to transplant the removed follicles directly without intermediate storage in a lotion.

It is particularly important for a natural result that the hair is inserted at the correct angle. The hairline must also match the patient’s face and the natural fall of the hair. Modern techniques such as 3D and robotics help with this.

The same techniques are used for transplanting beards and eyebrows.

With non-surgical techniques such as plasma therapy is often tried in parallel to stimulate hair growth.

Hair transplant near me? Cities & Countries for Hair Transplant

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Types of Hair Transplant:

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