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Prevention saves lives! Get your Check-up now!

The medical check-up trend is growing in popularity and has become one of the most sought-after procedures worldwide.

Medical Check-Up in Turkey

Discover the top-rated clinics and hospitals that offer exceptional services for your comprehensive medical check-ups.

Prevention saves lives

Whereas in the past preventive health care was largely left to the family doctor, medical advances have led to the development of comprehensive screening options.

In addition to checking standard blood values such as sugar, liver values and cholesterol, individually tailored packages are offered. A distinction is made between preventive examinations for men and women, coordination is made according to age, and there are even preventive examinations for children.

Special cancer screenings specifically scan for cancer markers, a mammogram or Pap smear for women, a prostate exam for men, and a colonoscopy or other screening test to detect colon cancer are commonplace today.

In addition, the doctor may recommend other tests depending on the patient’s individual risk factors and medical history.

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Cities and Countries for Check-up

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Prevention saves lives! Get your Check-up now!

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