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PCR Test in Turkey

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So What Is

PCR test at the laboratory details:

  • Select the number of person to be tested, choose your test date and click Book Now
  • Please provide us your address in the checkout process, so we can direct you to the lab nearby
  • If you are more than one person to be tested, please provide the names of the other guests as well
  • Show your confirmation mail to the Lab Staff, make your PCR-Test and choose if mouth or nose
  • Get your result at the same day after 3–4 Hours, check your result online
  • Save the result to your smartphone, show your test result at the airport

The opening hours of the laboratories may change, please be sure to be informed about the opening hours before you come!

If you have already received a positive test result, you cannot be retested until 10 days later! You will understand that if the lab staff finds out that you have tested positive within the last 10 days, a refund from us will not be considered.

Please note that our platform is not responsible for any problems that may occur during the testing process.

PCR Test in Istanbul Turkey

Types and Methods

What is tested for in a PCR test?

Polymerase chain reaction tests, as the PCR test is also called, are basically nothing more than nucleic acid tests.

A sample is taken from the nose or mouth. In the laboratory, this sample can be used to detect whether it contains the genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. COVID-19 is caused by this virus.

A simple test can detect the virus at a very early stage, often before the patient has any symptoms.

PCR test at lab in Turkey


Can I also be tested on weekends?

Yes, you can also be tested on the weekend in selected laboratories.

Can I get tested in a lab nearby my hotel?

Please provide us your address in the checkout process, so we can direct you to the nearby lab!

In which language is the result?

You will receive your result in English language.

Do I have to go to the lab again to get the result?

No, you can download the result to your Smartphone as PDF.

Is the result of this test accepted at the airport?

Yes, the test result is valid at the airport and in 190 countries except Qatar and Jordan.

How fast can I get the result of the test?

You can see and print out the test result the same day.

What happens if I already had a positive test result, can I test again?

If you have already had a positive test before, you cannot do a second test within the next 10 days.
We cannot refund money if the laboratory staff finds out that you have been positively tested before.
Please do not make a booking if you have been tested positive before.

How can I make a reservation for a PCR Covid Test?

Our staff will be happy to help you with the booking of your PCR test.


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