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Root canal treatment is a vital dental procedure that safeguards your teeth by eliminating infected or inflamed tissues and nerves within the tooth.

This method is typically recommended for individuals with deep tooth decay, fractured teeth, or those who have experienced trauma.

The process of root canal treatment involves several stages to ensure its effectiveness. The first step entails removing any damaged nerve tissue and decayed material from the affected area before filling it up using specialized materials designed to strengthen your weakened tooth structure further.

During this procedure, patients are usually administered local anesthesia which numbs them entirely throughout the entire operation, hence no pain whatsoever will be felt. Afterward, some slight sensitivity may occur in certain cases but rest assured these occurrences are temporary!

In conclusion, Dental Root Canal Treatment plays an essential role in preserving one’s oral health as well as maintaining healthy dentition over time! With high success rates reported across various studies conducted worldwide – we highly recommend considering this option if you’re experiencing any discomfort related issues regarding your pearly whites!

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Is the treatment of root canal painful?

Root canal treatment is usually performed under local anesthesia. You will not feel any pain during the procedure.
You may experience mild to moderate pain in the first few days after the procedure, but this can be treated well with conventional painkillers.

What is better? Root canal treatment or extraction?

Generally, preservation of the natural tooth through root canal treatment is preferable because the surrounding bone is preserved and the natural bite and appearance of the teeth are maintained.
Extraction is recommended when the tooth cannot be saved, causes severe pain or infection, or poses a risk to the surrounding teeth or oral structures.

How does root canal treatment work?

Root canal treatment involves removing the infected or damaged pulp from inside the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the root canals, shaping the canals to prepare them for a filling, and filling them with a biocompatible material to seal them and prevent further infection.

Can root canal treatment be finished in one session?

Yes, in many cases root canal treatment can be performed in a single session, especially if the infection or inflammation is not too severe. However, sometimes several sessions are required to allow the infection or inflammation to subside before the filling or crown is completed

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