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Fiber application is a technique used in dental treatment.

In this technique, fiber materials specially designed for the teeth are used. These materials are placed in the damaged or broken area of the tooth and strengthen it, preserving the original structure of the tooth.

Especially in the treatment of damage in the root area of the tooth are fiber applications effectively. This practice helps dentists to save teeth that have been damaged for various reasons.

Fiber application is less invasive than other dental treatment methods and reduces pain and discomfort for patients. Therefore, it is often preferred by dentists.

However, fiber application may not be suitable for every patient. Therefore, a dentist’s assessment is necessary in each case. It is also important for patients to perform regular dental care after fiber application.

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Why are fibers used in composite?

Fibers are added to dental composites to improve their strength, toughness, handling, and resistance to wear, fracture, shrinkage, and sensitivity.

What are the different types of fiber used in dental pulp?

The most commonly used fibers in dental composites are made of glass, carbon, or ceramic materials, and their type and amount can vary depending on the specific application and desired properties of the material.

What is fiber reinforced dental?

Fiber-reinforced dental composites contain small fibers of glass, carbon or ceramic to improve their mechanical properties and resistance to wear, fracture, abrasion and sensitivity. The fibers are mixed into the composite resin matrix and add strength and durability to the material. Fiber-reinforced dental composites are commonly used for dental restorations such as fillings, crowns and bridges.


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