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Hollywood smile is a smile design procedure. It provides uniformly white and straight teeth in the mouth. This includes a combination of cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth whitening, veneers, and braces. So, you can have perfect teeth and it feels like celebrities Hollywood smile.

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So What is a Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile is a complete redesign of your smile. It is the complete prosthetic treatment of both jaws with caps, veneers and often implants. The Hollywood smile involves placing crowns on all or at least all visible teeth in both jaws, that is, up to the premolars.

3 Signs of a Perfect Hollywood Smile:

  1. According to the golden ratio principle, the lines that are visually drawn through the corners of the eyes and the lips should be parallel to each other.
  2. An imaginary vertical line from the middle of the forehead to the chin should divide the face and smile exactly in half.
  3. In this case, the teeth from the middle to the edges should be proportionally reduced.

Types and Methods

Creating Hollywood perfect smile involves different manipulations. If your teeth are naturally straight and optimally shaped, whitening and regular professional oral hygiene are enough. Complex cases often require long-term treatment and expensive dental restorations.

The path to the perfect Hollywood smile:

So how do you get a Hollywood smile? If you want to Hollywood perfect smile, you should get rid of your aesthetic problems. They can be minor (like yellow teeth), serious (like a malocclusion) or gummy smile problems. First of all, the teeth must be healthy. So, you should clean the oral cavity, treat caries and eliminate problems with the gums before treatment.

Missing tooth – Only implantation can restore a missing tooth and give high aesthetic results. It doesn’t affect neighbouring teeth and can fully restore both appearance and function.

Bite problems – Correct occlusion is not only important for a beautiful smile but also for oral health. The consequences of malocclusion can be very serious. They range from speech problems and facial asymmetry to headaches and gastrointestinal problems. Once the jaw is complete, the problem cannot be corrected without orthognathic surgery. However, braces can be used to straighten your teeth.

Yellowness – Teeth whitening is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures. Only professional teeth whitening techniques can be effective for this. Dentists don’t just remove plaque like various home remedies and whitening pastes. They actually whiten dental tissue.

Too large or small teeth – Veneers can transform smiles. The main function of veneers is to adjust tooth shape and size. Ceramic plates are used to close gaps between teeth and correct their position. Also, teeth color problems are solved easily by veneering.

Gummy smile – For the perfect smile, gum exposure should not exceed 2 millimeters. If the soft tissues are exposed more, the smile is called “gingival”. To fix this, gingival graft is enough. This is a surgical procedure. It exposes the coronal part of the tooth by cutting the soft tissue.

Anterior tooth chipping – Eating too hard food can break a tooth fragment. It can also break if the front teeth get hit. To give your smile a beautiful and harmonious appearance, your dentist will perform an aesthetic restoration. They use a composite material to shape the broken part of the tooth and restore ideal tooth shape.

Hollywood Smile Near Me

Treatment Plan

1. Day:

  • Meet your medical consultant
  • Personal consultation with your doctor
  • Panoramic X-ray of your teeth and complete dental examination
  • Decision on how many veneers you need. (Usually, 20 veneers are used for a Hollywood Smile)

2. Day:

  • Second consultation with your doctor
  • Digital simulation of before and after pictures
  • Decision on veneer colors and material
  • Impression of your teeth so that the veneers can be prepared accordingly
  • Preparation of your teeth for the veneers. Small layer of enamel should be ground away to place veneers. There is also a technique without removing enamel. But we don’t recommend this because the veneers aren’t durable.

3. Day:

Now you can enjoy the city!

4. Day:

  • Your veneers are ready!
  • Attaching the veneers to your teeth

Take a look in the mirror now! Are you fascinated by your sparkling smile?

  • In the final interview, your doctor will inform you for the next few days.
  • Your treatment is finished.

Hollywood Smile with Veneers for:

  • Those who want to change teeth color
  • Those who need to correct teeth shape

Hollywood Smile Recovery Timeline:

  • It will take about 2 weeks for your tongue and gums to get used to your new veneers.
Hollywood Smile in Istanbul Near Me


Of course, we will also take care of you after your treatment!

Our medical consultants will take care of you during 1 year after the surgery. If you need any assistance, if you have questions, you can contact our staff at any time.

Hollywood Smile Healing Process

You shouldn’t eat anything for at least 2 hours after treatment until the anesthesia has completely worn off.

In the first few days, you may feel some sensitivity in the mouth. This will disappear very quickly. You should do your usual tooth care. If possible, use dental floss to remove all food particles.

After 2 weeks, veneers will feel completely native. Chewing and speaking will become natural.

Hollywood Smile Near Me Istanbul

Hollywood Smile costs by country

The cost of Hollywood Smile or Smile Design can changes. It depends on the surgeon experience, the technique used, the clinic or hospital and your individual health condition.
The prices listed below are not a final quotation. Your MedClincs consultant will be happy to provide Hollywood smile prices with details.

Country                                      Price per veneer                         Rating
Turkey~ 250€★★★★★
Poland~ 400€★★★
Mexico~ 500€★★★
United Kingdom~ 1000€★★★
USA~ 1500€★★★


Why is Hollywood Smile cheaper in Turkey?

In Turkey, salary and cost of living are lower than in Europe, in addition, the government supports the health sector. Therefore, a Hollywood Smile treatment in Turkey can be done without compromising on quality and standard, with lower costs at much cheaper prices.

Is it safe to get a Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

With over 2 million medical tourists per year, Turkey is one of the three world leaders in health tourism. Experienced doctors, together with a professional team, take care of patients expertly and competently. With approximately 86 million population, Turkey ranks 17th in the world in terms of population. Doctors have a lot of practical experience compared to other countries, which makes them competent professionals. It is safe to get your Hollywood Smile in Turkey.

What are the advantages of Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

You save money and costs, benefit from international quality and avoid long waiting times. In Turkey, you get the appointment for your Hollywood Smile at short notice, in Germany you have to wait weeks. The short flight time from Europe is another advantage.

Which clinics in Turkey make the Hollywood Smile?

Our contracted clinics offer the comfort of a 5-star, high-class hotel. The medical equipment meets international standards of the highest level. Across Turkey, 600 clinics have been awarded the coveted JCI certificate, which attests to safe and effective treatment methods, structured working methods and comfortable conditions. In comparison, fewer than 10 clinics in Germany hold this certificate.

What is a Hollywood Smile?

In this non-surgical procedure, individually made, ultra-thin veneers are applied to the original teeth. This makes the teeth look more even, brighter and whiter.

How long does the Hollywood smile last?

Depending on the material and according to individual factors, veneers can last a lifetime!

What does the Hollywood Smile Package include?

The deal we got for you covers all your needs and is a hassle-free all-inclusive package. It includes 16 veneers, hotel and transfer. You may find the details above on the first page.

Why do teeth become darker?

Over time, the natural enamel of the teeth rubs off. As a result, the teeth become darker and lose their original natural shine. Smoking and heavy coffee and tea consumption also play a role in the discolouration of teeth.

What is a veneer?

A veneer is an ultra-thin ceramic plate that is placed on the front of the tooth. This completely covers small imperfections and creates an even smile.

How many veneers are included in the package?

The package we prepared for you includes veneers for 16 teeth.


The term “Hollywood smile” appeared in the United States in the 30s of the last century thanks to the French dentist Charles Pinkus. It was he who, realizing not only the medical, but also the aesthetic importance of white-toothed smiles, especially for Hollywood actors invented the Hollywood Laminates technology, in which thin onlays made of ceramics were attached to the surface of the teeth by means of a special powder, which was then used to fix dentures. … Of course, the constructions of that time were far from modern veneers, and they often fell away, so they were used only during filming, when the actors most needed a beautiful smile.

Gradually, almost the entire dental industry began to work towards this goal, and in the 60s the concept of aesthetic dentistry was born, which was developed in the USA, Japan, Great Britain, Germany and France.

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