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Breast Aesthetics

Breast reduction is designed to reduce the size and correct the shape of the breast.

In this surgery, incisions are made to remove excess breast tissue and skin. This operation can also reduce the dark skin around the nipple (areola). Having large breasts cause some problems. These can be chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, chronic redness or skin irritation under the breasts.

Also, you may struggle to fit into bras and dresses. Breast reduction for men is also available if you have gynecomastia etc. You can choose this surgery when you have problems with any of these. For the procedure, surgeon usually makes an incision in and around the nipple, under each breast. Then, removes excess breast tissue, fat and skin. This reshapes the breast.

There are several techniques for this aesthetic surgery. Traditional reduction, liposuction only reduction and vertical incision breast reduction (Lollipop Reduction) are most popular ones. In traditional reduction, it is performed by removing excess breast tissue, fat and skin. It is possible to reshape the remaining tissue for optimal aesthetics.

Liposuction only reduction is less invasive method. It absorbs only fat tissue. Also, it doesn’t involve extensive tissue or contouring. Vertical incision breast reduction (lollipop reduction) is a less scarring technique for moderate reduction. It involves a vertical incision from areola to the breast fold.

You can also combine breast reduction with breast uplift surgery. As MedClinics, we’re here to find best clinics and plastic surgeons for your breast surgery!

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Breast Reduction in Istanbul in Turkey


Who is suitable for breast reduction?

Any woman who suffers from the size of her breasts is suitable for breast reduction. Breasts that are too large can cause both psychological and physical discomfort. Often, women experience back and neck pain or postural problems.

By how much can my breast be reduced?

The extent of the breast reduction will be determined by your attending physician together with you. Depending on your body type and initial weight, between 200 and 1500 grams per side can be removed.

Can men get a breast reduction?

Yes, men can also have breast reduction surgery. The medical term for this is gynecomastia. It appears just after birth, during puberty or at an older age. It is not a dangerous condition, but many men find the overly large breast disturbing and suffer psychologically from it

What are the surgical techniques for breast reduction?

A differentiation is made between the vertical technique, where the incision goes around the areola and additionally vertically downwards from the nipple to the breast crease. This technique is also called the lollipop or keyhole incision. With the inverted T, the incision runs in the crease of the breast and extends vertically upward to the areola. These technics are mostly used for breast reductions.

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