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With Breast Lift, enjoy your beautiful and perky breast shape for the first time!

A breast lift (mastopexy) gives sagging breasts a firmer, perkier, more aesthetic shape. You can have this operation for some reason. For example, after pregnancy breastfeeding, breast lift restores a better breast shape. After weight loss, it helps to improve breast contour. Also, it can be correct option if you’re looking for perky chest.

When it comes to the breast lift types, Crescent Lift is for minimal sagging and it’s done with small incision. Peri-Areolar or Donut Lift is for mild sagging and it can also help to reduce the size of the areola. The scar follows the areola’s edge.

In a Vertical or Lollipop lift, the surgeon removes excess skin and reshapes the entire breast. The scars (2 scar) are easily concealed. So, it’s common method. Inverted T or Anchor lift If you have very sagging breasts, this may be your best option. It involves 3 incisions.

On the other hand, vampire breast lift is a non surgical procedure. It uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. This technique has lower risks. But, it isn’t suitable for a woman with serious breast sagging.

Breastlift is often performed with breast augmentation. You should consult your doctor and choose the right method together.

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Does breast lift leave scars?

Breast lifting is a surgical procedure. There will be scars left behind, but they will fade over time and will hardly be visible. The doctor will try to make the incision so that it is as invisible as possible.

How much can my breast be lifted?

During the preliminary examination, the attending physician will explain to you exactly how much your breast can be lifted. Various individual factors, such as age and elasticity of the skin, play a decisive role.
Sometimes the nipple also needs to be moved to a higher part of the breast.

Are breast lifts successful?

A surgical lift should only be performed by an experienced surgeon in order for the surgery to achieve the desired results. It is possible to achieve a more aesthetic and youthful appearance of the breast.

What are the surgical techniques for breast lift?

There are several techniques that the surgeon can use for a breast lift. These include anchor or inverted T technique, the vertical or lollipop technique, and the crescent technique. Your doctor will discuss with you exactly which technique is best for you and why.

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