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Wrapping or Thalassotherapy is a great way to get rid of cellulite, fat deposits, rejuvenate the skin, relax and get real pleasure.

Wrapping or Thalassotherapy is a pleasant healing of the body with the help of special cosmetics based on natural marine ingredients: algae, sea water, mud, sand, clay, etc.

In thalassotherapy there is a hot and cold wrap:

  • Hot wrap – acts due to the “sauna” effect, which allows active substances to penetrate deep into the skin. During the procedure, blood vessels expand, blood flow increases, and metabolic processes improve. Toxins and slags are removed from the body, the manifestations of cellulite are reduced, the skin becomes smooth and elastic.
  • Cold wrap – vessels, including lymphatic vessels, first narrow and then expand. During the procedure, the outflow of fluid increases, and contrast cooling stimulates the breakdown of fat deposits (due to the generation of energy to preserve heat). After a cold wrap, the manifestations of cellulite, fat deposits and edema are reduced.

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What is thalassotherapy treatment?

This treatment is a therapeutic approach that uses seawater, marine products, and oceanic elements to promote health and well-being.

What are benefits of thalassotherapy?

It offers benefits such as nourishing the skin, promoting detoxification, providing relaxation and stress relief, improving circulation, relieving joint and muscle discomfort, and potentially benefiting respiratory health

What is a thalasso pool?

A thalasso pool, also known as a seawater pool, is a specially designed pool that uses filtered and heated seawater for therapeutic purposes. It typically contains mineral-rich seawater treated to maintain hygiene standards and ensure a comfortable temperature


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