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If you’re looking for literally “velvety” skin, Paraffin therapy perfectly moisturizes and softens your body.

It is a pleasant, relaxing heat treatment method. The procedure uses liquid paraffin, which has a beneficial effect on the skin. Paraffin – has a high heat capacity. In the cosmetic procedures of paraffin therapy, various vitamins are also used, which enhance its therapeutic effect.

This procedure can be carried out for the face, hands and feet:

  • face – helps with problematic skin, with fading, dry or swollen skin. Significantly moisturizes, smoothes, restores tenderness and a beautiful complexion;
  • hands – allows you to get rid of dryness, peeling and cracks. Makes the skin of the hands soft and velvety;
  • feet – this procedure is especially suitable if you have dry, rough skin on your feet. This therapy will help soften tissues, get rid of calluses, moisturize the skin, relieve swelling and fatigue.

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What is paraffin therapy?

Paraffin therapy is a form of heat therapy. It involves applying warm paraffin wax to the hands, feet, or other body parts.

Does paraffin therapy work?

Yes, it can be effective in providing various benefits. The heat from the warm paraffin wax helps to improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and alleviate joint stiffness.

Does paraffin really help skin?

Yes, it can help improve the condition of the skin by providing deep moisturization, softening rough.

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