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One of the best ways to achieve relaxation is massage.

This is an incredibly useful process. It helps to improve blood circulation in the skin and normalize metabolism. Massage stimulates the excretion of metabolic products, which means it helps the skin to breathe and maintain freshness. Thanks to it, tissues and muscles are strengthened, the skin becomes smooth, young and elastic. It stretches and gains elasticity.

You can do facial massage yourself, the main thing to consider is that the skin on the face is very sensitive. To achieve the desired effect and get incomparable pleasure from the procedure, it is better to use the services of a professional.

There are many different types of Massage:

  • Classical massage
    It is a pleasant procedure based on light stroking and rubbing. When the skin begins to fade, the muscles lose their tone, sagging, wrinkles appear around the eyes or mouth.
    To conduct a classic one, the cosmetologist uses professional products that he selects individually, taking into account the characteristics of your skin (special massage oil can also be used).
  • Plastic massage
    Rhythmic, at the same time quite strong, but accurate movements along the main massage lines. For its implementation, talc is most often used. A key feature of this method is a special technique for influencing the skin.
    It has a wide impact on the subcutaneous fat, blood vessels, nerves. Improves blood circulation, lymph flow, cleanses the skin and promotes healing. If your skin fades, loses its tone, mimic folds, swelling, double chin appear – it will help you get rid of these problems.
  • Cryomassage
    This is one of the most popular procedures in modern cosmetology. This is the so-called local cryotherapy – the treatment of various parts of the skin of the face, body or head with liquid nitrogen.
    A short, no more than 30 seconds, local effect of ultra-low temperatures on the cold receptors of the skin causes a powerful release of endorphins locally and in the body, stimulating the general immune system and the local skin immune barrier.
    The cosmetological effect of local cryotherapy is due to increased blood supply (post-cold hyperemia), stress stimulation of lipid metabolism in subcutaneous tissues, and improved oxygen saturation.

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Will massage help lower back pain?

Yes, it can help relieve lower back pain by reducing muscle tension. It improves blood circulation and promotes relaxation, which leads to pain relief and increased flexibility.

Are massage guns worth it?

They can be beneficial for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or individuals with chronic muscle pain.

Which massage is best?

Some popular techniques include Swedish type for relaxation, deep tissue type for addressing chronic muscle tension, sports type for athletes, and Thai type for stretching and improving flexibility. It depends on the individual needs.

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