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Are you tired of sparse and shapeless eyebrows? Look no further than Microshading!

This semi-permanent makeup technique, similar to microblading but with a different application method, enhances the appearance of your brows by creating natural-looking hair-like dots or lines.

During a consultation, our experienced technician will discuss your desired eyebrow shape and color before applying a topical anesthetic for minimal discomfort during the procedure. Using fine needles on either a handheld tool or machine, pigment is deposited into the skin’s superficial layers to achieve soft powdered effects that can be adjusted in depth and intensity.

While results vary from person to person due to natural exfoliation processes over time (typically lasting one-to-three years), touch-up sessions every 12-18 months are recommended for optimal maintenance.

It’s crucial only trained professionals perform this process in clean environments as safety should always come first when it comes down enhancing beauty through cosmetic procedures like these.

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Is microshading safe?

Microshading is generally considered a safe procedure when performed by a skilled and experienced professional.

Is microshading worth it?

Microshading is a personal decision that depends on individual preferences and circumstances. It offers longer-lasting results, a natural appearance, and reduced daily maintenance for those seeking to enhance their eyebrows.

How long microshading last?

It typically lasts anywhere from one to three years, depending on various factors.

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