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Eyelash extensions

is a cosmetic procedure to lengthen and enlarge natural eyelashes by gluing synthetic hairs together with a special glue.

Eyelashes of different lengths, thicknesses, curl types and colours are used in extensions. The length can vary from 6 to 14 millimetres. Our natural lashes are of uneven length along the growth line. To recreate this effect, lashmakers combine about 5 different lengths during extensions.
The thickness varies from 0.05 millimetre to 0.25 millimetre. Advanced lashmakers around the world refuse to use thicker lashes, as they look less natural on the eyes and weigh down the natural lashes.

Main types of fake eyelashes:

  • Natural effect
    is the classic that should be favoured if your goal is a natural eye look and stunning lashes at the same time. In this variation, the lashmaker needs to recreate the natural growth of the lashes by combining different lengths – short in the inner corner of the eye and longer as you move to the outer corner. This effect is really versatile, it looks great and is appropriate at any time of day and in any place.
  • Foxy effect
    is a type of extensions, where the transition is made from short lashes in the inner corner to longer lashes in the outer corner, and the transition is sharper than for the natural effect. This effect visually extends and widens the eyes. 
  • “Doll eff
    means the use of lashes of the same length along the upper eyelid line. This version looks not very natural, but it is not unattractive. It is just important to understand for what shape of eyes, for what image and age such extensions are made. Eyes of a girl with such a build-up look naive and coquettish.ect”
  • “Ray ” effect
    is a type of eyelash extensions, when long lashes are combined with short lashes all along the upper eyelid. This effect is also called the cocktail effect. It looks very interesting, unusual, adds expressiveness to the eyes and gives a little zest to the whole image. It doesn’t look garish or vulgar, so it is quite appropriate to wear these extensions in everyday life.
  • Colour lashes
    Any of the above effects can be done with coloured artificial eyelashes. With the right shade, coloured extensions can look amazing. There is a lot of possibilities to play with colour on lashes: transition (gradient) of colour from inner corner to outer corner, combination (blending) of certain shades, inclusion of colour lashes in certain zones for accentuation, alternation of several colours along the eyelid line, etc.

There are the following variations of volume for eyelash extensions:

  • Classic volume
    when one artificial lash is added to each of your lashes – a popular option, especially popular with those whose lashes are quite thick from nature, but they need to add length and create a beautiful curve.
  • Double volume
    implies gluing of two artificial eyelashes to one natural eyelash. This makes eyelashes look almost twice as thick. In spite of the double volume, the lashes look natural and the look of the eyes is natural. A pronounced, clear beautiful look, bright eyes without a drop of make-up, and naturalness – this is what makes it so popular to prefer this type of extensions.
  • Triple volume
    is also quite popular, but the lashes in this case look a little unnatural, they are too thick. However, there are cases where this is the effect that clients want to achieve, and this is the result they need. If you want to create a dramatic, striking, memorable image, you can use this technique! If light and thin lashes are used, the natural eyelashes don’t suffer from any damage, and the extensions don’t look too heavy on the eyelids and give an eye-catching look.
  • There is even a 6D extensions
    – 6 artificial eyelashes on one natural eyelash. Thanks to modern ultra thin and weightless artificial eyelashes, this kind of extending is possible without any danger and damage to natural eyelashes. Of course, it’s not recommended to wear such extensions for a long time. 

Fake Eyelashes are not for:

  • Eye conditions such as conjunctivitis, barley, lash mite, etc. 
  • Dermatitis, psoriasis 
  • Asthma 
  • Allergy to eyelash application materials 


  • During the first 24 hours after lash extensions, you should avoid contact with water. Visit sauna, bathhouse, swimming pool, beach, any location with high humidity should be postponed.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes, avoid mechanical damage. Keep hand-to-eye contact to a minimum.
  • Sleep facing the pillow – learn to sleep on your back.
  • Avoid the use of mascara. 
  • Avoid oil eyeliners and greasy pencils.
  • Don’t use curling tools. 
  • Avoid oily eye creams.

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Are eyelash extensions safe?

Eyelash extensions are safe and do not cause allergic reactions, but eyelash extensions are not recommended for people with an individual intolerance to the materials used, which is very rare. It is also not recommended for people with chronic, acute or viral eye diseases.

Can I get my eyelashes extended without a break?

Properly selected size of artificial eyelashes and following the technique of extending allows the procedure to be done without damaging native eyelashes, i.e. without interrupting the cycle of eyelashes’ renovation. It means it is possible to do eyelash extensions again and again. It makes sense to take a break when lashes are damaged. In that case it is better to wait for their complete regeneration (about 3 months), it is possible to use products for growth and strengthening of eyelashes during this period.

Does it hurt to get eyelash extensions?

No, the eyelash extension procedure is completely painless and safe. The artificial eyelashes are placed on top of the natural eyelashes with a small distance, so you won’t feel your eyelashes during or after the procedure.

Does eyelash extensions damage my natural eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions are not harmful to lashes, as long as the procedure is carried out correctly and in full compliance with the technology. Eyelashes for extensions are chosen based on the length and thickness of your own lashes.

Can I wear contact lenses with eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions do not affect the wearing of contact lenses. The eyelashes won’t prevent you from removing and putting on the lenses, and you won’t feel the lashes on your eyes, just like the lenses.

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