Dünyagöz Hospital Group

Dünyagöz Hospital Group which is founded in 1996 provides eye health services

With 500 different treatment methods for problems related to eye and eye contour health in all branches of the eye including eye laser, smart lenses, and many more. Dünyagöz Hospital Group, which began a new era in our country with branch hospitalization, provides health services in 30 different locations in Turkey and other countries.

Hospital Features

Dünyagöz has become the medical center of the world in a short time with its modern technology, 300 medical staff consisting of faculty members and specialist doctors, and 3500 personnel. It offers the latest technology and up-to-date diagnosis and treatment methods accepted in the world with its competent and expert staff in its branches in order to provide eye health services to all patients at the highest standards.

It is one of the hospitals that has built a reputation for itself in Turkey as well as worldwide, with 8000 polyclinics and 1000 procedures every day.

Hospital Locations

Dünyagöz Hospital Group serves 21 distinct places in 12 different provinces in Turkey and 9 different points abroad, including Frankfurt and Cologne in Germany, Tbilisi in Georgia, Baku in Azerbaijan, Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, and Pristina in Kosovo, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Services Included

The hospital group was able to gain a place among the few leading centers worldwide in a very short time. Today, the Dünyagöz Hospital Group ranks first in health tourism. Around 30,000 foreign patients from 107 countries are treated in the hospital group every year.

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