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If you’re looking for a way to improve your visual quality, Custom Vue, Super LASIK may be the best solution.

A feature of this method is the most accurate correction of the shape of the cornea based on data obtained using preliminary aberrometric analysis, which takes into account absolutely all the distortions in the human optical system.

The degree of their influence on the quality of vision is automatically determined, and such a shape of the cornea is modeled that maximally compensates for all existing “errors”. Based on these data, laser correction is then carried out.

Advantages of the method: laser correction with personalized support Custom Vue is one of the most accurate modern methods of restoring visual functions, allowing you to correct aberrations (distortions in the visual system) of a high order and achieve exceptional visual acuity. Custom Vue vision correction technique with personalized support meets the highest standards of ophthalmic surgery today.


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What is Custom Vue, Super LASIK?

u0022Custom Vueu0022 refers to LASIK surgery that incorporates wavefront technology for a more personalized treatment

Is Super LASIK painful?

Super LASIK itself is not more painful than standard LASIK surgery. The level of discomfort experienced during the procedure is generally similar for both types.

Is Super LASIK worth it?

Yes, u0022Super LASIKu0022 can be worth it for patients who have thoroughly researched and consulted with an experienced surgeon.

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