Wrinkle Treatment with Muscle Relaxant

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No time to age! Come back to a natural youthful look! Get your wrinkle treatment right now!

With the Wrinkle Treatment by an experienced dermatologist, you will look as young as you feel in no time at an affordable price and low cost! By injecting a muscle relaxant into the problem areas, your wrinkles disappear as if by themselves.

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Wrinkle Treatment includes:

  • Treatment of one facial zone, e.g. frown line, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles or even the strawberry chin.
  • Painlessly injection with an extremely thin cannula. 
  • Treatment in a prestigious medical practice or clinic by experienced doctor using the latest technology.
  • Free support for any questions you have. 

All you need to know about wrinkle treatment, including price, aftercare and healing process, or contact us!


How does the wrinkle treatment work?

The treatment is done with muscle relaxants. Muscle relaxants are a group of medications that are used to alleviate muscle spasms and reduce muscle stiffness. For cosmetic purposes, muscle relaxant suppress nerve impulses to the muscles.

What are the potential side effects of muscle relaxants?

As a rule, cosmetic treatments with muscle relaxants pass without side effects due to the low dosage. Sporadically, dry mouth or mild dizziness and headache may occur. In this case, please contact your treating doctor immediately.

Are treatments with muscle relaxants permanent?

No, treatments with muscle relaxants are not permanent. However, on average, the effect lasts for a few months before the muscles become active again and the wrinkles can reappear. It is recommended to repeat the treatment at regular intervals.

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