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Experience the power of mesotherapy, a revolutionary skin rejuvenation technique that delivers stunning results.

Mesotherapy in Istanbul in Turkey

Mesotherapy is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that offers numerous benefits to those seeking an effective and minimally invasive solution. This technique involves the injection of a carefully crafted combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones and other substances directly into specific areas on your skin such as face or body.

Developed by French physician Dr. Michel Pistor in the 1950s, mesotherapy has since gained worldwide popularity due to its impressive results. The injections are administered in small amounts with precise targeting for maximum effectiveness.

The ingredients used can vary depending on what you want to achieve but commonly include hyaluronic acid, vitamins (such as vitamin C), amino acids antioxidants, and plant extracts which have been proven safe over time.

One major benefit offered by mesotherapy is rejuvenation of your skin’s appearance through stimulation in collagen production resulting in improved texture, firmer feel & elasticity giving it more youthful look than before. In addition, it helps hydrate, nourish, delivering essential nutrients straight where they’re needed most, leading to overall health improvement.

Another great advantage comes from hair restoration treatment using this non-surgical method. It promotes growth while improving density, making scalp healthier too!

Finally, mesotheraphy also provides localized fat reduction when injected properly. The result will be a slimmer figure without undergoing any surgery!

In conclusion, mesotherapy offers many advantages including revitalized looking skin, hair regrowth, reducing unwanted fat deposits all done safely. This amazing procedure could potentially change how we view beauty treatments forever, so why not try it out today?

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Types of Mesotherapy Treatment

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