Yaşam Hospitals Group

About Yaşam Hospitals Group

Yaşam Hospitals Group was established in Antalya, Kemer in 1996 with the philosophy of “People First”. The group, which operates under its slogan of “Health for Everyone”, aims to keep offering its services while maintaining ethical values in a trustworthy manner. It includes treatment options for a variety of diseases, including obesity, IVF, medical check-up, heart health, breast health, and many more.

Hospital Features

Yaşam Hospitals Group, which consists of 6 hospitals, 210 doctors, and 1628 medical staff, incorporates the most cutting-edge technology. The usage of top-notch diagnostic and treatment facilities, which offer 24/7 support with their healthcare professionals, advanced technology, and equipment, is one of the primary factors responsible for the high level of patient satisfaction.

Hospital Location

Hospitals belong to Yaşam Hospitals Group In Kemer, Manavgat, Muratpaşa, and Alanya are easily accessible near the airport. In the districts of Antalya, one of Turkey’s most well-known vacation destinations and the pearl of the Mediterranean, Yaşam Group Hospitals presents a variety of tourist attractions to its guests. These districts are among the city’s most well-known and centrally located settlements.


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