Kolan Hospital Group

About Kolan Hospital Group

Kolan Hospital Group aims to provide better and safer healthcare services to its patients by following technological developments, new diagnosis and treatment methods with the slogan “The Assurance of Your Healthy Tomorrow”. The group which is founded in 1997 has succeeded in providing quality and reliable healthcare services in accessible conditions. It offers a wide range of medical services in general surgery, plastic and aesthetic surgery, oncology, obesity, pediatrics, medical check-up and many more.

Hospital Features

Kolan Hospital Group provides services in more than 40 branches with more than 450 physicians and 3000 personnel. All rooms provide high-quality services, including patient appreciation, hospitalization, and housekeeping. All patient treatments can be provided, taking into consideration all types of needs, and there are high-level comfort facilities supplied. Quality and patient safety are two of the main critical concerns in medical facilities.

In addition, since 2017, Kolan International Hospital holds the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation certificate, one of the international health accreditation organizations, which is accepted as an authority around the world.

Hospital Location

Kolan Hospitals Group is located in 5 hospitals in Istanbul, Nicosia Hospital, Kyrenia Medical Centre in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Here you may find detailed information about some of the hospitals, that belong to this group.


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