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The Key to Healthy Living: “Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center”

Indulge in a serene oasis designed for relaxation and self-care. Immerse yourself in programs influenced by the enchanting ambiance of Bodrum, a place where your well-being takes center stage amidst one of the world’s highest oxygen levels. Discover a haven that fosters health, vitality, tranquility, and joy. Uncover a world where you not only encounter your true self but also gain the tools to nurture and manage your overall well-being. Welcome to a retreat dedicated to your health and happiness.

Vitalica Wellness, operating within the Marriott group’s globally recognized Le Meridien Bodrum Beach Resort in the Tourism and Hospitality sector, offers guests a healthy living and detox experience by leveraging the advantages of Bodrum’s unique nature and high oxygen levels.

Bodrum is a globally known as blue zone region, joining the ranks of Sardinia in Italy, Okinawa in Japan, Nicoya in Costa Rica, and Ikaria in Greece. People living in these regions adopt a healthy lifestyle, leading to happier and longer lives. Vitalica Wellness is one of Turkey’s comprehensive Healthy Living and Detox Centers located in this special region.

This exclusive center not only cleanses toxins from the guests’ bodies but also helps purify their souls. Surrounded by the impressive beauty of nature, this area provides guests with a peaceful and rejuvenated feeling.

Healing Power of Nature and Customized Detox Programs with Vitalica Wellness

Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center offers a magnificent location overlooking the beautiful view of the Aegean Sea. This unique geography provides ideal air conditions for detox, such as low humidity, perfect sunlight exposure, and a high oxygen ratio.

Especially the low humidity stands out as one of the center’s significant advantages. The facility is surrounded by a natural area covered with greenery and is enclosed by its private 650-meter-long beach, making it an excellent getaway for those wishing to escape the stress of city life.

Customized detox programs are offered to each guest here. Expert doctors develop programs tailored to individual health needs. Detox programs aim to cleanse toxins, focusing on weight loss, intestinal health, energy levels, skin health, and boosting the immune system. Vitalica Wellness comes with various supportive programs to help you achieve your healthy living goals.

Here are Detox Programs Prepared for You

The answer to the question, “How can I stay young in my most natural state?” is the detox programs specially prepared for you:

  1. Master Detox Program: The program is a purification method that effectively cleanses toxins from the body using liquid fasting. The program aims to rest the digestive system and eliminate toxins from the body. The detox program helps remove toxins from the body with special drinks, soups, herbal teas, and supplements.
  2. Intensive Detox Program: The program aims to cleanse and renew the skin, lymph, lungs, liver, and intestines. This process is supported by superfoods, herbal nutritional supplements, and wellness treatments. The program helps you achieve your healthy weight goals and maintain your ideal weight. The program, personalized by doctors, cleanses the body from toxins with detox drinks and herbal remedies, providing the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The program also provides an opportunity to join different exercise groups and aims for physical and mental balance. It offers the keys to a healthy life through meditation, breath, and awareness group lessons.
  3. Well Aging Program: Throughout history, the aspiration to stay youthful persists. Today, questions like “Can life be prolonged? Is halting aging possible?” are common among the aware. The solution lies in healthy aging programs, rooted in the philosophy of Well Aging for a healthy, active, and joyful aging process. At Vitalica Wellness, holistic program regulates biological aging, addresses mental challenges, safeguards against age-related diseases, and rectifies bodily distortions. Through controlled calorie intake in a serene environment, consuming SIRT protein-rich foods, and fortifying immune, hormonal, and digestive systems, our program facilitates body renewal and revitalization.
  4. Ayurvedic Detox Program: Ayurveda means “science of life” and is still considered a thousands-of-years-old medical system practiced in India. The Traditional Ayurvedic Detox Program (Panchakarma) aims to provide natural and complete purification. This program focuses on cleansing the body and mind from toxins, rejuvenating, and rebalancing. Ayurvedic detox cleanses the body, stomach, and intestines from the inside out with special foods and medicines. Simply put, Ayurvedic detox aims to put the body into a natural cleansing process with diet, teas, and massages. Drinking water is recommended during the program as warm water helps toxins reach the intestines more easily. The Ayurvedic Detox Program aims for complete purification with personalized therapies and cleansing methods.
  5. Post-Covid Program: This program is designed for those recovering from COVID-19 and aims to prevent complications such as shortness of breath, decreased oxygen levels, changes in blood pressure, fatigue, and other health issues. By returning the body to a healthy state before COVID-19, the program restores overall health. It also helps restore balance between the mind, body, and soul.
  6. Interval Autophagic Program: Vitalica Wellness’s Interval Autophagic Program aims to activate the body’s self-healing ability. This therapeutic program includes a gradual transition from an 1100 kcal diet to a 250 kcal diet for a specific period, encouraging the use of fat stores in the body. By increasing autophagy and detox enzymes after a 10-day process, it enables the renewal of cells and tissues. This program is used for the treatment of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes, as well as reducing the effects of risk factors such as smoking, alcohol, poor nutrition, and stress. It is recommended to be applied once a year to maintain ideal weight and health, and it should last a minimum of 10 days to be fully effective.
  7. Mindfulness Program: The program focuses on the solution to mental health issues such as anxiety, sleep disorders, and panic attacks, this program offers an alternative to medication for patients. With a minimum of 5 days to follow, it is possible to get away from the stress and fatigue of daily life.

The special detox programs prepared above can be personalized by combining them with doctor consultations. This is aimed at providing you with the most unique experience and taking the first step towards a healthier life.

healthy living and detox center

Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center

Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center is managed by professional doctors and begins with a doctor consultation to determine the health needs of each visitor. A cardiologist and wellness doctor accompany you. Doctors assess the health status of each guest and recommend the most suitable detox program and other health services for them. In this way, a personalized program is offered to each visitor.

Vitalica Wellness also offers yoga, meditation, pilates, and other physical wellness practices. These activities help reduce stress, relax the mind, and strengthen the body. Physical wellness is important for a healthy life, and factors like regular physical activities, a healthy diet, and stress management increase the quality of life. Vitalica Wellness focuses on the physical health of visitors and provides programs tailored to individual needs. Additionally, it supports the body’s natural healing processes.

Vitalica Wellness assists visitors in taking fundamental steps for a healthy and happy life, offering personalized services focused on physical wellness.

Comfortable Accommodation Options at Vitalica Wellness

Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center offers exclusive accommodation options for its guests. You can choose from different options, ranging from rooms with sea views to luxury villas.

Modern decoration and natural light in the rooms create a comfortable atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the beauty of nature from their private balconies or terraces. Amenities such as room service and free Wi-Fi are also available.

Vitalica Wellness meticulously designs everything with the comfort of guests in mind, offering accommodation options suitable for different budgets.

Taste and Health Together: “Detox Kitchen”

Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center focuses on healthy eating by offering delicious food. Equipped with its own kitchen and restaurant, this facility tailors caloric values to each specific program. In the detox kitchen, professional chefs prepare carefully crafted meals using organic and fresh ingredients.

healthy living and detox center

Miraculous Spa Experience: Treat Yourself at Vitalica Wellness!

Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center provides a comprehensive spa experience. Guests can relax their bodies with services such as massage, facial treatments, skincare, sauna, and hammam. Additionally, special and personalized Ayurvedic rituals and therapies offered by Ayurveda experts from India are available.

Located in Bodrum, Vitalica Wellness offers natural beauty, customized detox programs, expert doctors, various activities, comfortable accommodation options, delicious meals, and outstanding spa services. This center is an ideal destination for anyone looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Easy and Comfortable Transportation for Everyone

Bodrum Airport is only a 20-minute drive from Vitalica Wellness. Guests can easily reach the center from the airport by taxi, car rental, or pre-arranged transfer service. Despite being close to the airport, the center is situated in a peaceful and natural environment away from the hustle and bustle of Bodrum. This means guests can easily reach the center when they want to explore Bodrum while enjoying a peaceful and stress-free atmosphere during their holidays.

Vitalica Wellness Healthy Living and Detox Center offers a unique experience for anyone looking to rejuvenate, escape daily stress, and adopt healthy living habits.



Clinic Reviews

Christina Liguori
Read More
I am only part way through my visit and journey here but as I'm having my last juice of the day I felt compelled to kick off my review (I'll revisit at the end of the journey with specifics and names!) This place is truly excellent. Beautiful location, experts on stand by for anything you need... and the team here... they really make the wow. Each and every one deserve a medal for their kindness, patience and expertise. If you are looking for a detox experience that's medical grade but with all the comforts and luxury look no further!!!
Vaishakhi Haria
Read More

It is one of the most beautiful properties I have been to. The team here is very helpful & looked after all our needs. We had special requests in food since we are vegetarians, the chef was kind enough to make special preparations for us. Loved the ambience here, it is nice & quiet. The views are impeccable. We were here only for a night, wishing we could stay longer.
Would definately recommend this hotel.
Thank you for the amazing hospitality.

Nene Ohunlisu
Read More

Excellent detox program. I had an amazing time here. The view is awesome, well prepared meals that are full of flavours. The program is curated to care for your total wellbeing. I appreciate all the staff - Dulsah, Akin, Melike , Metehan , Reetu, spa - for their exceptional service. I highly recommend Vitalica Wellness Programs and look forward to my next visit. Thank you Vitalica Wellness


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