EDEN Rezidans

Eden Rezidans Geriatric Care & Wellness and Recreation Center:

Eden Rezidans Nursing Home is located in a quiet and natural area of Izmir. It provides a living space for elderly people to enjoy their golden years beautifully. The rooms are modern and elegantly designed. They are carefully prepared to ensure the comfort of each resident. Variety is offered through standard, suite and palliative care rooms.

The spacious and bright rooms are designed to provide residents with the comfort and tranquility of their own homes. The garden not only presents the beauty and peace of nature to the elderly but also creates a space for various activities.

Health services include 24-hour professional care and regular health checks. Residents’ health is supported through physiotherapy, sport and exercise programs.

The Eden Rezidans places great emphasis on social and cultural experiences and organizes activities such as art workshops, music concerts and cultural outings. Palliative care is provided by an expert team of nurses and carers. Hygiene and comfort are a priority in themed palliative care rooms.

Tasty and nutritious meals are prepared according to the preferences of the residents and offer a life filled with respect and love for the elderly. Eden Residans promises a peaceful, happy and healthy experience for seniors.



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Clinic Reviews

Sevil Karul
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My mother has been there for 6 months and she is very happy doctor Mr. Sonuç. Ms. Betül and all the staff are very motivated, positive and smiling every day.

Yıldız Benturk
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During the time my relative was in the institution, they were very clean and disciplined in terms of personal care, health care, medication follow-up and meals, they always conveyed information about my relative in a transparent manner, we thank your professional team for their smiling faces and interest.

Göksel Zıplar
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One of the few elderly care centers in Izmir, both the management and the staff were very good in terms of their interest and attention, visually it shows its quality and I recommend it with peace of mind.


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