Dr. Burcu Işık Yeşilova

Dr. Burcu Işık Yeşilova is a renowned dermatologist.

Her private practice is located in Istanbul on the Asian side of the city in the famous Bağdat Caddesi. The lively and bustling street, known for its variety of shopping, restaurants, cafés and entertainment venues, attracts both locals and tourists and is famous for its exclusive boutiques and luxury brands.

Green spaces and promenades invite you to stroll around, and many visitors also take advantage of its proximity to the sea for a relaxing stroll along the coast.

Dr. Burcu Işık Yeşilova Dermatology

Dr. Burcu Işık Yeşilova offers her patients a wide range of dermatological services, including wrinkle treatment with muscle relaxants, fillers and skin renewal treatments.
Her holistic approach, which aims to improve both the health and appearance of the skin, is appreciated by all patients. The experienced doctor conveys calm and confidence, making patients feel immediately at ease.

Here, each patient receives individualized guidance, which is reflected in consistently high patient satisfaction. On her website and Instagram account, she shares insights into her work, patient successes and information about various dermatology treatment options.

Dr. Burcu Işık Yeşilova is known for her professionalism, expertise and personalized care for each patient. She graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, one of the top medical schools in Turkey, and has been practicing as a medical doctor for 19 years. Her specialty is Dermatology, with a particular expertise in cosmetic dermatology, where she has gained extensive experience over the last 14 years.

For the past 6 years, she has been running her own clinic on Bağdat Avenue in Istanbul, where she provides care to thousands of patients, including well-known actresses and models, helping them achieve their best selves. Her primary goal is to enhance each patient’s unique beauty while maintaining their natural appearance, tailoring treatments to meet their individual aesthetic desires.



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Clinic Reviews

Reyhan Özcan
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I had a thread face lift procedure with Burcu Hanim, I was at least 10 years younger.
When my friends see what you have done, they say you are young, but they can't understand what it is, it was very natural.thank you very much for everything. Ms. Burcu and her beautiful team, thank you very much...

Müge Kandemir
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Her team is very successful and caring. I had serious wrinkles around my eyes due to squinting because I was using lenses, now they are all fairy tales, Thank you Ms. Burcu

Yasemin Soylu
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Dr. Burcu is a wonderful doctor who always thinks of her patient first and guides according to what is needed. Very light in hand, smiling and a doctor who knows her job well


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