Genotime Platinium Clinic

Genotime Platinium Clinic

Genotime Platinium Clinic

Genotime Platinium Clinic, has started to serve since 2016 with its experienced and expert staff, with a service understanding focused on patient satisfaction and making a difference in the aesthetic sector. Genotime Premium Clinic provides service in Tirana, Istanbul and Pristina.

Clinic Features

Genotime Premium Clinic provides medical aesthetics, hair transplantation, plastic surgery, obesity treatments, steam cell treatments, and dental treatments. Since its establishment, it has been serving its patients with the latest technology treatment methods and priority principles.

The clinic provides services in English, Italian, Albanian, French, Turkish, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish and Arabic languages with its expert staff who know that health is more valuable than anything else.

Clinic Location

Genotime Platinium Clinic is situated in a three-story edifice within the city of Tirana, which serves as Albania’s capital. In addition to public healthcare institutions, there are several private clinics and hospitals that provide an array of services ranging from general care to specialized treatment options. Despite being more costly than their publicly-funded counterparts, these private health facilities remain popular among individuals seeking medical attention in Albania.

Tirana itself boasts the distinction of being both the largest city and capital of Albania; it occupies a central location surrounded by mountains and hills such as Dajti on its eastern side while also featuring a slight valley towards its northwest with views overlooking the Adriatic Sea off into the distance. Given this geographical position at what is known as “the Plain” coupled with proximity near Mediterranean waters, Tirana experiences distinctive seasonal climates influenced heavily by those found throughout much of southern Europe – characterized particularly for having some amongst Europe’s highest annual sunshine hours (2 544) despite also ranking highly for rainfall amounts annually too.


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