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Elithair Clinic has helped over 100,000 patients regain their hair through successful treatments. They offer comprehensive packages for hair transplantation in Turkey, including modern methods and extra services like VIP shuttle and accommodation. The clinic is a leading provider globally, with clinics in Istanbul, Dubai, the UK, and Germany.

In Germany, they have six locations where patients can get consultations for hair transplantation and other treatments like PRP therapy. Their team has years of experience and provides free consultations.

The German locations offer advanced technologies like computer-assisted analysis and detailed reports. They also ensure patient comfort and provide financing options.

Elithair Clinic Advantages in Germany:

  • Automated and computer-assisted image analysis
  • Technology based on video dermoscopy
  • 3-step process with results within minutes
  • Second opinion service from experts
  • Detailed personalized trichoscopy report
  • Professional hair consultation

Clinic Location

Elithair Berlin

Brandenburgische Str. 20, 10707

The Clinic in Berlin-Wilmersdorf offers a comfortable environment for consultation sessions. A professional analysis determines suitability for hair transplantation. The clinic uses advanced technologies in the industry for anesthesia, graft extraction, and implantation to ensure the best results.

Elithair Munich

Arnulfstraße 199, 80634 Munich

Consultations for hair transplantation in Munich take place in the Nymphenburg. Treatment costs vary depending on individual situations. Specialists provide personalized quotes. Elithair offers financing options for all patients, allowing flexible monthly payments with 0% interest.

Elithair Düsseldorf

Friedrichstraße 17, 40217 Düsseldorf

Experts at clinic in Düsseldorf have extensive experience in both consultation and hair and beard transplants. The clinic uses advanced techniques for diagnosis and treatment, including local anesthesia, follicle extraction, and implantation. The clinic is located near the historic center of Düsseldorf, ensuring easy access.

Elithair Hamburg

Baakenallee 37, 20457 Hamburg

To ensure optimal results for patients considering hair transplantation in Hamburg, clinic specialists emphasize individual and fair cost calculations based on the progression of bald spots and necessary grafts. International experts prioritize patient well-being and needs for the best treatment. The modern facility is located in HafenCity, known for high-quality hair transplantation services.

Elithair Frankfurt

Steinweg 7, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

The initial consultation at Elithair Clinic in Frankfurt lays the foundation for improved quality of life through hair transplantation. The clinic’s patient-focused service is essential for treatment success. Internationally trained doctors work in a centrally located, modern practice to ensure natural hairlines and healthy hair.

Elithair Stuttgart

Kriegerstraße 3, 70191 Stuttgart

Experienced specialists in Stuttgart are dedicated to patient care. A few steps from Stuttgart Central Station, patients receive comprehensive consultations on the latest and most effective treatment methods and a realistic prognosis of expected results. Hair transplants are offered by Elithair in both Germany and Turkey, ensuring treatment by absolute specialists using the most advanced procedures at both locations.



Clinic Reviews

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Very professional treatment from start to finish. Friendly contact in advance, quick and uncomplicated booking. The service on site was good and quickly timed, but the company wants and needs to earn money. The operation went smoothly for over six hours. The aftercare was very positive. The app, which monitors all the important steps, deserves special mention. I am very impressed. Now it's a case of wait and see and let it grow.

Miroslav Talic
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Everything went great from start to finish. I was picked up at the airport by the shuttle service. When I arrived at the hotel, I was allowed to check in immediately and was taken to my room. I then had a blood test, ECG and hair analysis. The waiting time for the planner to draw the lines unfortunately took a very long time and until everything was signed.
I was picked up on time on the day of the operation and the whole team was super nice and courteous. The operation went really well. There was a slight pain from time to time but it wasn't bad. It was immediately anesthetized again.
On the last day, the dressing was removed and everything was cleaned. The explanation for the care was also very good. Check-up with the doctor and then it was off to the airport again.

Many thanks for everything.

Tobias Lehmann
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Very good process and professional service. The very well-structured hospital processes in particular gave me a lot of confidence. As Elitehair also has branches in Germany, I will also have the follow-up check-ups and PRP treatment there. The hotel was great and there were lots of clinic visitors to talk to. The atmosphere at the Marriott was pleasant and the spa area was very well maintained.
I arrived a day early to see the old town of Istanbul. I can also recommend this and would do it again. So all in all 10 stars.


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