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Elithair Clinic is the largest hair clinic in the world.

It even has an integrated hotel, the Elit Hotel, which offers patients an exclusive and comfortable stay. Elithair Clinic is located in an up-and-coming neighborhood between Kağıthane and Sarıyer districts near Galatasaray stadium.

Doctor Information

Dr. Balwi, the medical director of the clinic, is one of the most renowned hair treatment doctors in the sector and has been awarded numerous prizes. His reputation as a luminary in the field of hair treatments is due to his expertise, achievements and accomplishments that have made him internationally renowned.

Elithair‘s team of doctors boasts more than 100,000 successful treatments, and nearly 99% of patients recommend the clinic to others. Dr. Bawli’s stated mission is to help one million people achieve radiant, full hair.


Treatment Methods

To achieve the best results, Elithair always uses the most advanced and innovative hair techniques. The FUE Sapphire, DHI or SDHI techniques are adapted to the individual needs of each patient. 

Dr. Balwi is a central figure, especially in research, who continues to revolutionize the field of hair transplantation with innovations. In addition to the SDHI method, the exclusive NEO FUE technique, which is used to prepare for hair transplantation and improves hair growth by up to 98%, was also developed at Elithair.

A special highlight is sedation with the so-called Sleep-Deep method. Here, the patients are put into a 15-minute deep sleep. Thus, they do not feel any pain during the subsequent local anesthesia and hair transplantation. Not only patients with anxiety benefit from this method – the treatment is individually tailored to each patient and made as comfortable as possible.

Even before the hair transplantation, Elithair offers its patients an exclusive innovation to prepare them optimally for the treatment. The pre-test system includes 6 preliminary examinations, which the doctors analyze during the preparation phase. With the help of this data, a perfect result can be achieved.

Services Included

Beard transplants, eyebrow implants and PRP treatments are also offered in the clinic’s more than 18,000 square meters. Patients can book an all-inclusive package that includes accommodation and airport transfers.

For optimal organization, Elithair also offers the Elithair App, which assists patients with preventive and follow-up care, provides push notifications to remind them of important steps, and provides video instructions. Photo uploading also allows physicians to follow and monitor the progress of the result after the fact.

Clinic Locations

Outside Turkey, Elithair has branches in 6 locations in Germany, namely Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.


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Clinic Reviews

Deniz Kutluca
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I had surgery at elithair on Saturday.all the staff were friendly and did their job very well.also I met new people and 4 people took care of me.ahmet selim Deniz Emre and Ismail thank you very much 💪🏾

Muhammed Sarıbaşoğlu
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I think it is the cleanest and highest quality hair transplantation center in Istanbul. Thank you very much for Dr. Abdulaziz Bey's interest.

Moritz Wocher
Read More

Very good service, individual questions are answered and the focus is on the medical safety of the procedure, not just the throughput of patients. Everything runs like a well-oiled clockwork here.


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