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Cayra Clinic

About Cayra Clinic

The Cayra Clinic with its centers in Istanbul and Antalya has long since made a name for itself worldwide.

For more than 15 years, the clinic has been caring for domestic and foreign patients from all over the world. Professional and specially trained staff take care of the patients and their relatives during the entire treatment process; patient satisfaction is always the top priority at the Cayra Clinic, which works with a carefully selected team of surgeons and doctors who are regularly reviewed. The procedures are performed only at the best hospitals in Istanbul and Antalya, all facilities offer the service of an upscale 5* hotel, are equipped with the latest technologies that are always kept up to date and are JCF accredited.

Clinic Features

The motto is “Beauty for Everyone”. Keeping true to this slogan, the clinic imparts the best treatments at the most affordable prices. The main principles are honesty, transparency and privacy.

Cayra Clinic places great emphasis on sustainability to make not only the patients beautiful but also the world they live in. Therefore, all transfers are done by electric cars, which means that Cayra Clinic leaves no carbon footprint.


Examinations and treatments in almost all areas of medicine are offered, which enables patients to receive services directly from one source and saves the time-consuming and troublesome search for suitable clinics and doctors. The focus here is on hair transplants, plastic surgery, weight loss surgery, dental treatment, Іn-Vіtrо Fertilisation (IVF) and eye surgery.


The clinic’s mission is to provide patients from all countries with an exceptional and excellent medical journey at affordable prices with the highest level of service and comfort, enabling them to realize their dreams. Cayra Clinic has so far accompanied over 5,000 patients from 5 different continents and over 40 countries on their journey.


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