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Buk Beauty

About Buk Beauty

In the trendy Avangart district near Vadistanbul, Buk Beauty’s state-of-the-art clinic, which opened in 2020, immediately catches the eye. In its own words, Buk Beauty’s primary goal is to provide the best service.

Clinic Features

A 15-member team of specialists, experts and beauticians take care of patients throughout their treatment. The technical equipment is always up-to-date and only the most modern methods are used. It follows all innovations closely and implements them promptly with the appropriate treatments. All the equipment used here is FDA-approved.

Before each application, all patients first undergo a detailed skin analysis with the Hydrafacial skin analyser in front of a running camera. 

Invasive and non-invasive procedures from the beauty and care sector are offered, including wrinkle treatment, fillers, skin rejuvenation methods, microblading, permanent make-up and much more.


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