Acıbadem City Clinic Mladost Hospital, Sofia – Bulgaria

Acıbadem City Clinic Mladost Hospital, located in Sofia, Bulgaria, opened its doors in late 2015.

Following the acquisition of City Clinic Group and Tokuda Group by Acıbadem Healthcare Group in 2016, the hospital began collaborating with all departments of Acıbadem Hospitals across five countries. Notably, Mladost is the most recent addition to the group and holds JCI accreditation.

Spanning an impressive 10,000 m2 area with an 8-storey building, Acıbadem City Clinic Mladost Hospital houses 54 beds. The hospital is equipped with advanced diagnostic imaging devices, including 3D tomosynthetic digital mammography, 4D Breast Sonography, EUS (Endoscopic Ultrasonography), Tomotherapy HDA, Spect CT, PET-CT, and Whole Body MRI. Cancer treatments, utilizing methods such as TrueBeam STx and Brachytherapy, are administered at the hospital.

The medical departments of Acıbadem City Clinic Mladost Hospital specialize in cancer treatment, encompassing Medical Oncology, Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, Clinic Pathology, and Medical Genetics. Non-medical support services like rehabilitation and psychological treatment are also available for patients and their families.

The Medical Oncology Department provides diagnosis, staging, and treatment services, including chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted treatment. The hospital boasts outpatient and inpatient chemotherapy units.

Collaborating closely, Medical Genetics and Clinical Pathology departments work to determine the best diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Screening tests are employed across all units of the hospital for early diagnosis.

Additionally, outpatient treatment services are offered in General Surgery, Cardiology, Gynecology, Urology, and Orthopedics and Traumatology at the hospital’s Medical Center.

With a dedicated team of over 250 physicians and healthcare personnel, Acıbadem City Clinic Mladost Hospital adopts a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment. All cancer cases are thoroughly discussed in Tumor Council meetings, and treatments are strategically planned.

Family members and friends receive education on home care during the treatment process, and a dedicated Social Services Center provides both patients and their families with physical and emotional support.



Clinic Reviews

Miroslav Dermendjiev
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Very high praise for the oncology at City Clinic Mladost. Prof. Dudov has created a perfect organization that helps patients. Technical equipment that I have not seen. The staff is caring and professional. Thanks also to dr. Stoilova for her attitude. The best clinic I have ever been treated in. Thanks again.
Miroslav Dermendzhiev

Stanka Bancheva
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At times there is a lot of waiting and there is a delay with the hours (more than 30min) for reasons unknown to me, but overall I am satisfied.Especially the 2et lab technicians and organization are great, the attitude is friendly.The hospital has some really good specialists and staff and I would visit again.

Desislava Hristova
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Dr. Todorov is an exceptional specialist!I am pleased that everything is brought together in one place: doctors, laboratory, imaging!


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