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Are you tired of unsightly gaps caused by tooth decay, injury or loss? Aesthetic filling is the solution to your dental woes.

This procedure not only improves the function, but also enhances the appearance of your teeth.

Gone are those days when traditional materials like amalgam, gold and silver were used for fillings. Today’s technology offers a range of aesthetic and natural-looking options such as composite resin, ceramic and porcelain that blend in with your natural tooth color seamlessly.

Aesthetic filling is performed under local anesthesia by dentists who clean up damaged parts before shaping them into sizeable shapes using suitable material; this process preserves the original look while restoring functionality to affected areas without any discomfort post-procedure.

Choose from an array of available materials based on recommendations made by experienced professionals best suited for individual needs ensuring optimal results every time! Don’t let cavities ruin perfect smiles anymore- opt-in today!

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Aesthetic Filling


When can I eat after aesthetic dental filling?

After an esthetic filling, it is best to wait until the anesthetic has worn off before eating anything. This usually takes a few hours.

Which aesthetic fillings are most commonly used today: Composite or ceramic?

Composite fillings are becoming more common than ceramic fillings these days because they are less expensive than ceramic fillings and can be better matched to the natural color of teeth.

Why are white fillings better?

White fillings are better than traditional metal fillings because they are more aesthetically pleasing, require less tooth structure removal, and are made of a safe, non-toxic material.

Can fillings get cavities?

Yes, caries can form around the aesthetic filling if the area is not kept clean and free of bacteria


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