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Is there surgery to make you taller? Yes, height lengthening surgery is the answer.

Genetics, health and diet can influence height. Also, smoking during pregnancy and some diseases can cause short stature. It starts when you’re born and continues until you grow up.

No more worrying about being short. Heightening surgery is becoming increasingly popular. You can choose it to increase your height to the desired level. Here is a comprehensive guide to limb lengthening surgery.

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What is limb lengthening surgery?

It is a surgical procedure and aims to increase the bone length in the arm or leg. The limb lengthening procedure is impressive. Surgeons make precise incisions in the bone. They use a special device to separate the bone segments gradually. Over time, new bone tissue grows, making the bone longer and stronger.

The most important benefit of lengthening surgery is the permanent height increase. Once the bones have healed, you can enjoy your new height for years. Height lengthening surgery is also used if one leg is shorter than the other.

Which methods of leg lengthening surgery are there?

The Ilizarov, Holyfix, LON/LATN and Precice methods are used for height lengthening surgery. LON is currently preferred by patients. It has a short recovery time and a relatively low price. However, Precice is a much safer, more comfortable and less risky method. Also, it is more expensive for some patients. In general, doctors no longer recommend the Ilizarov and Holyfix methods. They prefer LON or Precice limb lengthening procedures.

What should I do if I want to grow taller?

You can choose leg lengthening surgery in Turkey. If you’re considering height increase surgery in Turkey, you’re in good hands. It is very popular with men and women. Also, it is a safe and effective procedure. Because skilled surgeons in the top clinics in Turkey perform it.

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How much does it cost to increase height?

Manual limb lengthening costs range from 15000 € to 20000 € in Istanbul, Turkey. Magnetic limb lengthening prices range from 35000 € to 40000 € in Istanbul.

Prices and ratings compared to other countries are listed below. You can contact us to learn the exact costs.

Turkey15.000 €⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
USA25.000 €⭐⭐⭐
Germany16.000 €⭐⭐⭐
UK20.000 €⭐⭐⭐⭐

Things You Should Know Before Your Height Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

  • Genetics determine about 80% of a person’s height.
  • Height lengthening surgery is expensive globally. However, Turkey offers much lower costs than other countries such as the USA and UK. You can reduce general treatment costs by 40-50%.
  • It is usually recommended for people aged 18-25 when their bones have reached maximum growth. Adults with a leg length difference of at least 2 cm can also have it.
  • For cosmetic reasons, it is preferable not to lengthen more than 6-8 cm per segment.
  • It is also possible to reduce height with limb shortening surgery. Up to 4-5 cm can be shortened with this operation.
  • Procedure and recovery takes 8-12 months.
  • Most patients experience the most pain in the first week or after the effects of the anesthetic go away. Painkillers and injections can help during this time.
  • Augmentation surgery risks include acute pain due to muscle, vessel and nerve development. Muscle weakness can also occur. This is due to the immobility of the leg, which cannot be actively used during the lengthening process.
  • Patients from abroad can stay in the hospital for 5-7 days after the operation. They can then return home to continue the operation in their own country. They may also choose to stay close to the hospital.
Celebrities Who Have Height Extension

Celebrities Who Have Height Extension

Lionel Messi was short due to a growth hormone deficiency and took growth hormone therapy. Some celebrities also use other methods to look taller. Kim Kardashian is one of them. She always wears high heels and solid colors.

There are claims that some celebrities, such as Tom Cruise, have had height extension surgery. But Rich Rotella and Theresa Fischer were clearly operated on for height.

Rich Rotella is a talented Hollywood actor. However, he noticed he always got supporting roles in movies. He asked producers why he couldn’t get lead roles. Their answers surprised him.

Rotella learned that Hollywood actors’ average height was 5 feet 7 inches. That’s when he decided to have height-lengthening surgery. Rotella told newspapers he spent $100,000 on the surgery. He said he grew 3 inches taller after the difficult process.

Theresia Fischer is a celebrity from Germany. She became famous on the show “Big Brother”. She is usually of average height. However, people on the internet bullied her about her appearance.

Fischer is also a model. She thinks long legs are important for her job. So, she decided to have height lengthening surgery to make her taller. After two surgeries, she grew 5 inches taller. Now she feels happier.


How long does limb lengthening surgery take?

It typically takes several hours.

Is height lengthening surgery painful?

You may feel some discomfort in the first week. But painkillers will reduce this.

How much height can I gain from limb lengthening surgery?

The average height gain is typically between 5 and 8 cm per bone lengthened. More than 8 cm can be dangerous for height lengthening surgery.

Will I need physical therapy after limb lengthening surgery?


Can height lengthening surgery be performed on adults?


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