Health Tourism Seminar | London

Health Tourism Seminar | London
Conferencia sobre turismo sanitario en Londres

Health Tourism Seminar | London | The best opportunity for your business

As MedClinics, we attended the health tourism seminar held in London on 23-24 March. In this health tourism seminar, we held both B2B and B2C meetings.

Healthcare Professionals will have the opportunity to expand their networks and create new cooperation in B2B (Business to Business) meetings.

The other unique opportunity were the B2C (Business to Customer) meetings. End users, Patients had the chance to meet with the representatives of Turkish hospitals, clinics and doctors in one place in one day and be able to ask directly their questions, and have free consultancy from all the exhibitors.

Different discussions were held on how the medical business collaborations can be improved between UK and Türkiye.

Health Professionals had the opportunity to expand their networks and create new collaborations at B2B (Business to Business) meetings.

Another unique opportunity was B2C (Business to Customer) meetings. Patients had the chance to directly ask their questions by meeting with representatives of hospitals, clinics and doctors in Turkey in one day, and received free consultation from all participants.

There were different discussions on how to improve medical cooperation between the UK and Türkiye.

We would like to thank all visitors and guests who participated in the fair. We look forward to meeting you at other events we will be attending. Let us see you there!

About TRUST “LONDON” Health Tourism Seminar

Medical Tourism and medical technologies are fast-growing global movements in the last decades. UK and Türkiye have established different cooperation and collaborations in the medical sector. Many patients are going abroad from Türkiye and UK for different treatment purposes. There are different players in the sector like medical travel companies, travel agencies, governmental and private insurance companies from the UK side and also Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Medical Travel Companies and Technology Companies in both sides that can benefit cooperation.

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