Perfect Clinic, Prague

Perfect Clinic

The Clinic was opened in Prague, Czech Republic, 5 in January 2010. Specialising in advanced aesthetic treatments, Perfect Clinic has established itself as the leading provider of cosmetic procedures in Prague. The clinic’s team of highly skilled plastic surgeons and dermatologists offer a wide range of services.

Clinic Features

The architecturally significant facility of the Perfect Clinic is built on three floors. The entrance to the clinic is the ground floor, where there are three examination rooms fully equipped for reception and consultation with plastic surgeons. The second floor is where the aesthetic dermatology department and outpatient clinics are located. The third floor with offices, two operating theatres and a stylish ward with beds.

To maximize safety, the inpatient ward is equipped with monitoring technology for constant surveillance by medical staff and emergency doctor, which is not common in the private plastic surgery sector.

Clinic Location

It is one of the preferred clinics in the Czech Republic. It has clinics in Praha, Brno and Liberec.



Clinic Reviews

Iva Beldová
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Thank you to Perfect Clinic for the absolutely excellent and accommodating approach when accepting my daughter for surgery. Miss Lucie devoted herself to us at the reception, she answered all our questions about my daughter Lucie. Dr. Paděra was friendly. After that, everything sputtered, as if on a "wire". However, I must also point out the excellent attitude of the man at the gate, who saved us after a long journey. ♥️ great device

Florentina Marin
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I am sure that all doctors at Perfect Clinic are great professionals, but with this post I would like to share my positive experience with Doctor Pavel Kobzík. He is professional, kind, caring and calm. I felt 100% safe in his hands.
Despite of the fact that I went through a surgery, the entire experience was great, the whole Perfect Clinic team treated me very nicely, provided with all the information before and after the surgery. I am grateful for the result and for the entire care, thank you!

Anna Ježková
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Many thanks to Dr. Pavlíček for his empathetic approach and absolutely precise care.
At the same time, I don't want to leave out the kind and helpful nurses and receptionists, who also deserve thanks for their work. I will be happy to return to PC Dermatology. 💙
I can only recommend the clinic to everyone.


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