Еуе Medical Center Dr. Golev in Bulgaria | Dünyagöz Hospital Haskovo

Еуе Medical Center Dr. Golev in Bulgaria | Dünyagöz Hospital Haskovo

In the year 2021, the Dünyagöz Hospital Haskovo was opened as a branch of the Hospital Group in Bulgaria.

Almost all areas of ophthalmology are treated in this branch.

The Dünyagöz Hospital Group is known for its state-of-the-art technology and technical equipment, which is always up-to-date, as well as for its professional and well-trained doctors, each a specialist in his or her field. The hospital group, which was originally founded in Turkey, has long since made a name for itself internationally.

Dünyagöz Hospital Haskovo carries out comprehensive eye examinations in seven stages. These include visual acuity tests, spectacle checks, examination of the eyelids and eye muscles, measurement of eye pressure, biomicroscopic examinations and, if necessary, an extended retinal examination.

For both domestic and foreign patients, personalized packages tailored to the individual’s needs are offered.


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Clinic Reviews

Violeta Andreeva
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Highly recommended. Great team. Thank you, Dr Golev. I feel great after laser correction. I have been wearing glasses since I was a child. Thanks to you I can now see. Bless you!!!

Александър Григоров
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Great professionals! Modern equipment. Friendly and helpful! Highly recommended!

katina kirilova
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I am forever grateful to Dr Golev! After a thorough examination with the most modern equipment, it was found that due to an old trauma, there was a risk of a not so good success rate for the correction of one of my eyes. The doctor warned me! And I did not have the correction... Let there be more such real doctors who do not think like salesmen... !!!!


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